Children's Bill of Rights

  • The right to a continuing relationship with both parents.
  • The right to be treated as important human beings, with unique feelings, ideas, and desires.
  • The right to continuing care and guidance from both parents.
  • The right to know and appreciate what is good in each parent, without one parent degrading the other.
  • The right to express love, affection, and respect for each parent, without having to stifle that love because of fear of disapproval.
  • The right to know that the parents' decision to live separately was not the responsibility of the children.
  • The right not to be a source of argument between parents.
  • The right to honest answers to questions about the changing family relationships.
  • The right to be able to experience regular and consistent contact with both parents and to know the reason for any cancellation or change of plans.
  • The right to have a relaxed, secure relationship with both parents without being placed in a position to manipulate one parent against the other.

Children's Bill of Rights written by the staff of Dane County Family Court Services in 1972.